Who here doesn’t love the sound of southwest chicken nachos?


We make them at least once a month. And by once a month, I really mean once a week. Because let’s face it, with two girls in softball, life can be BUSY! On those busy nights, nachos, tacos or BLT’s are usually my go-to recipes and I’m not the least bit ashamed. I normally make beef nachos, because they’re the easiest, until one day I decided to get creative and make some southwest chicken nachos. These nachos are loaded with chopped, grilled ancho-lime chicken, grilled sweet corn salsa, black beans and loads of cheddar cheese.

Chips, cheese and lots of veggies… really what’s not to love?


So remember last week when I shared my grilled sweet corn salsa recipe? Well do ya see that nifty metal grilling rack… yeah you get one. Ps… it doubles as a kabob holder!


And so you don’t burn those precious fingers… transfer the rack from the grill to a sheet pan by using these cute little silicon holders. Oh yeah… you get those too. Really… this only gets better.

Olive Oil

Now for these nachos to be southwest you will need to make an ancho-lime marinade. Start by measuring a half cup of extra light olive oil. Use your silicon liquid measuring cups for a seamless pour. What you don’t have silicon measuring cups?? Ohhh good because Pampered Chef has them and I LOVE THEM!

Ancho Chili Powdersaltcumin

Next, measure out two tablespoons of ancho chili powder and add it to the olive oil along with a 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt and a tablespoon of cumin.

lime juice

Then squeeze in the juice of two limes.

garlic masher

Peel two cloves of garlic and mash them into a paste using the garlic masher. Add the garlic paste to the ancho-lime marinade and stir it all up. Don’t worry… the garlic masher is in the giveaway too!


Pour the ancho-lime marinade all over 1-1/2 pounds of boneless skinless chicken thighs – breasts work too.


Give those a good toss and let them sit while you preheat the grill.


My grill was preheated to medium-high. Once hot I slapped the chicken thighs down and cooked them for about 12-14 minutes, turning them half way.


Not quite sure why I plated these. I mean I knew I was making them for nachos. But FYI you could just make the chicken by itself, top it with cilantro and squeeze fresh lime juice over top and serve it as is.


But for the nachos, you’ll still want to top with lots of fresh cilantro and chop the heck out of it.

chips... cheese

First spread out a thin layer of {whole grain} tortilla chips… sprinkle a little freshly grated cheddar…

chopped chicken

Next top with a bit of the chopped chicken…

corn salsa

…and a few spoonfuls of the grilled sweet corn salsa…

black beans

Then a few black beans, that have been strained and rinsed…


Next add another layer of chips and cheese…

another layer

Then top it off with more chicken, corn salsa, black beans and top with even MORE cheddar cheese. Next, bake it in a 375° degree oven until the cheese has melted and some of the chips are golden.


Lastly, I like to sprinkle my nacho with a little green onion. It only seems natural.

Cheese strings

Look at that cheese pull!

This might just be my new favorite nacho. The flavors are out of this world! Make the Southwest Chicken Nachos!

Southwest Chicken Nachos ll www.SimplyScratch.com

Enjoy! And if you give this Southwest Chicken Nacho recipe a try, let me know! Snap a photo and tag me on twitter or instagram!


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Yield: 8 servings

Southwest Chicken Nachos

These fab nachos are loaded with ancho-Lime grilled chicken, grilled sweet corn salsa, black beans and don't forget the cheddar!


  • 2 tablespoons extra light olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons ancho chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • pounds boneless-skinless chicken thighs, or breasts
  • 1 handful cilantro
  • 1 bag tortilla chips
  • 2 cups freshly grated cheddar cheese
  • 1 recipe grilled sweet corn salsa, link in the post
  • 1 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed

optional toppings:

  • 1/4 cup sliced green onions
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • a few dashes hot sauce



  • Combine the olive oil, ancho chili powder, cumin, salt and lime juice. Stir and pour over the chicken. Toss and let the chicken sit while you preheat your grill.
  • Grill the chicken on medium-high for about 6-8 minutes a side or until fully cooked. Remove and let cool a bit. Sprinkle the chicken with a handful of fresh cilantro before chopping it into small bits.


  • Scatter a layer of whole grain tortilla chips on the bottom of 4 oven-safe baking dishes. Top the chips with a little grated cheddar cheese, chopped chicken, a spoonful of grilled corn salsa, black beans and then repeat with another layer of chips, cheese, chicken, salsa, beans and a final layer of cheddar cheese.
  • Bake in a preheated 375° until the cheese is melted and the chips are a toasty golden color.
  • Remove and let cool before topping and enjoying!
Serving: 1g, Calories: 484kcal, Carbohydrates: 33g, Protein: 28g, Fat: 27g, Saturated Fat: 9g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 6g, Monounsaturated Fat: 10g, Trans Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 114mg, Sodium: 685mg, Potassium: 477mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 1g, Vitamin A: 1027IU, Vitamin C: 6mg, Calcium: 316mg, Iron: 3mg

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