Homemade White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

This Homemade White Cake is made from scratch using a homemade white cake mix. With ingredients you can pronounce, this homemade cake is deliciously moist and tender and frosted with layers of sweet vanilla buttercream frosting. Just add sprinkles!

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I turned 37 this past Tuesday. So on Monday, I made my own cake because birthdays should always be celebrated with cake. I spent my actual birthday having breakfast and coffee with my best friend Nichole at our favorite restaurant, The Laundry. Then we walked around downtown Fenton, stopping in at a few of the local shops. We both fell in love with this boutique in particular, The Iron Grate. You guys, it’s like Anthropologie meets Etsy meets your favorite quaint local shop. Candles, soaps, linen, handmade leather bags, pillows, antiques and all the cool things in-between.

Subdued colors in creams, grays and blacks with potted green plants throughout the store. Waxy leaves, trailing  vines and deep hues of green. We both bought 2 plants and ceramic pots to put them in. Immediately when I got home I transferred the plants to their respective planters and place one (Maidenhair Vine or Muehlenbeckia) on a shelf and what I think is a Maidenhair Vine or Muehlenbeckia, I put on my china cabinet.

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I’m now officially redecorating my house to match this place. I’ll post pictures on my year in review.

Last year I made a chocolate cake and this year I had plans to make a white cake with the purest of white, vanilla buttercream frosting. Since my sister Julie passed on her yellow cake mix recipe to me, I’ve been adapting it to make allthecakes. As you can see, I’ve adapted it to make this homemade white cake. It’s SO easy and when making a cake from scratch, that’s what I want.

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So I took 5 minutes out of my day last week to whip up the white cake mix, popped it into the fridge and then come Monday I was knee deep in cake batter and powdered sugar. After I picked up the girls from school we promptly came home and cut big fat slices of cake for a snack.

What a birthday girl wants, a birthday girl gets.

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