Skillet Frajitas

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that I missed spelled fajitas. Right? Nope. Skillet Frajitas are a real thing. Sort of.

Frajitas l (15)

However, if you Google it “frajitas” I can honestly say there is no other recipe for it on the entire world wide web. I’m completely serious. I’m aware that the chances of anyone Google searching “frajitas” will be, well, nil– so those of you luckies that subscribe or click over via any social media site are seeing it here first! This is an original recipe, my friends.

Frajitas l (16)

You’ve all heard me go on about the three-ring binder my mom put together for all us girls. Whenever I’m struggling with what to make for dinner or looking for desserts to make and post for the blog, I turn to that book and flip through the pages.

The other day my eyes landed on the recipe for frajitas. I instantly was teleported to the kitchen in my childhood home, I was like 8 or 9 and my uncle came to visit us in the “country”. That night for dinner he whipped up these delicious steak frajitas in a giant skillet on our stove. I believe that was my first taste of a tex-mex-fajita-esque recipe and the moment when I fell in love with all things tex-mex(ish).

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