Butterfinger Candy Bar Cookies

This is the story about my disastrous day and how these turned out to be my coping cookies.

Wednesday was the day and everything I touched broke. I am not even kidding. These cookies almost didn’t even make it.

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Sometimes we just have one of those days. My friend, Stacey had hers the day before and to be honest it was much worse than mine. I pretty sure I jinxed myself when I went to bed Tuesday with plans to have a cooking extravaganza the following day. A non-stop cooking-and-baking-stay-in-my-sweats-and-not-shower-sort-of-deal. But when I realized my daughter needed her physical paperwork (so she could try out for volleyball) signed and that I would have to make a trip up to the school… that nixed any ideas of staying in my sweats. No big deal… a shower wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

So then while doing the dishes that afternoon, my (favorite) glass liquid measuring cup literally exploded right after I washed it and set it onto the towel to dry. And yes, I instagram’d it. We’re talking shards, big and teeny-tiny, of glass everywhere. It was so darn scary and minutes afterwards I could still hear the pieces crackling like hot embers would in a fire, in the garbage. It was the strangest thing! And I loved that measuring cup, so dumb I know… but I did. So naturally I had to clean all the broken glass fragments, sweep, vacuum, re-wash dishes and counters and pretty much anything in the vicinity.

With my day gone to hell in a hand-basket I thought that I would just make cookies. My daughter had her first volleyball tryout, I lost my beloved measuring cup… why not? So I grabbed the leftover bag of butterfingers and my camera and made cookies. The first batch was baking, they smelled to die for… and then all this popping and bursts of light was coming from my oven. I killed the heat, slowly opened the doors and noticed it was coming from the lower heating element. Long story short, the bottom baking element shorted out. But I was determined to make these cookies. So I finished them in the oven, with only the top element to heat it up. Fingers were crossed. It took a little longer than it should have and the bottoms weren’t necessarily crisp, but I wasn’t about to waist Butterfinger cookie dough. No way.

So I pretty much threw in the towel after that. Later I grabbed a book and a glass of wine and a cookie or three.

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So enough about my horrendous day, let’s talk about these cookies. So incredibly simple. It’s just a soft, chewy cookie studded with big hunks of Butterfinger candy bars. Really you could do this with Snickers (which will be happening ASAP) or my kid’s favorite Take 5 bars. They are an excellent way to use up that Halloween candy or brighten a day spent cleaning up glass shards. (Trust me)

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