Classic Butter Tarts

These Classic Butter Tarts always remind me of Christmastime. A sweet pastry dough is filled with soaked raisins, chopped walnuts and a sweet and sticky filling of brown sugar, egg and vanilla filling. This recipe yields 40 sweet and nutty butter tarts.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a platter of these classic butter tarts and I’ve been waiting all year to share these delicious bite-size treats with you. 

This is my maternal Great Grandmother’s recipe and has been in our family for forever. What are butter tarts? Only the most delicious treat ever. Butter Tarts are a Canadian sweet tart, consisting of a buttery and flakey, cookie-like crust filled with tender, soaked raisins, chopped walnuts in a gooey brown sugar filling. Although some purists may say that adding raisins is a no-no, my Great Grandmother was Canadian so I’d say these are legit.

Besides, the raisins add delicious texture and flavor that you can’t deny.

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