Clementine Cake

This ultra moist Clementine Cake is bursting at the seams with sunshiny mandarines. Thinly sliced clementine oranges nestle into brown sugar and butter, topped with a buttermilk cake batter that has both clementine zest and juice. Bake until perfect then inverted onto a cake pan to reveal the citrusy beauty! Makes one 9-inch upside down cake that will feed at least 8.

Clementine Cake l (20)

So the week before I planned to make this cake, I decided to go low-carb. I know, great timing right? This sums up my life. Anyway, I did snag a bite and can confirm that, yes it is delicious. However the true test was when the rest of the McNamara bunch had a slice. Now I love citrus anything; lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit – I. love. it. all. So I already knew this cake was the whip, but when Pat and the girls both gave me nonverbal thumbs up [because their mouths were full with clementine cake] , I knew the recipe was a keeper.

Now if you’ve seen the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty you may be familiar with Clementine Cake. If you haven’t watched the movie (you must, it’s one of my favorites) I won’t spill any juicy (get it? juice? clementines? I’m hilarious.) details, but I have wanted to make this cake ever since I watched this movie back in 2013.

Homemade Clementine Cake l (20)

And now my dreams have came true.

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