I’m a sucker for a fried egg sandwich.

Fried Egg Sandwich l SimplyScratch.com

Perfect for breakfast or lunch! This recipe is another one of my childhood favorites. Although I think my mom put ketchup on hers, I swapped that out for cheese. I’m not a huge ketchup fan, unless it is used in a recipe. But feel free to add some ketchup to yours if you like!

When I make fried egg sandwiches for my girls, they always ask if the special salt is on the eggs, which would be the Lawry’s seasoning. I don’t fry eggs without it. It’s what makes this sandwich fantastic!

Here is what you will need: bread, cheese, eggs, all purpose seasoning salt (I have a recipe in my cookbook), black pepper, butter and olive oil.

Let’s get something straight. I have no idea why I put the whole stick of butter in this picture. You don’t need a whole stick, just a tablespoon. I also forgot to put the olive oil in the picture, I blame hunger.

Toast your bread…

When the toast pop and are still hot, lay your slice of cheese on top, so they have a chance to start softening up a bit. I use either sharp cheddar or colby jack because it gets all stringy and yummy. Pat prefers Kraft singles on his.

In a large pan over medium heat, add a couple turns of olive oil and a tablespoon of butter.

When the pan is heated crack in your eggs. I only do a couple at a time, otherwise the whites run together and things can go downhill quickly.

Next sprinkle with seasoning salt and black pepper.

Fried Egg Sandwich l SimplyScratch.com

I like my egg yolks on the runny side but the whites have to be cooked. So I wait until the whites are opaque or set and then I carefully flip. I don’t use a timer, but if I had to guess it’s about 20 seconds or so. Just until the whites are no longer goobery. Sorry, but that’s the best way to describe it.

Fried Egg Sandwich l SimplyScratch.com

Then I place the two eggs on toast without the cheese. It’s an art form I tell ya! 😉

Top the eggs with the other slice of toast – with the cheese and then cut in half diagonally.

Fried Egg Sandwich l SimplyScratch.com

And there you have it the best fried egg sandwich… EVER!

Fried Egg Sandwich l SimplyScratch.com

Oh! And the best part is you can use your sandwich to pick up any yolk on the plate. Have mercy.

Are you ready for the best fried egg sandwich??

Enjoy! And if you give this Fried Egg Sandwich recipe a try, let me know! Snap a photo and tag me on twitter or instagram!

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Fried Egg Sandwiches
Yield: makes 1 sandwich

Fried Egg Sandwiches

Fried Egg Sandwiches just like my Mom use to make! Perfectly fried eggs on toast with cheese!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 thin slice of cheddar or colby jack cheese
  • all-purpose season salt, to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • a few turns of olive oil (about 2 tablespoons)


Toast bread and top one slice with cheese.

Place the butter and olive oil in a large pan and heat over medium heat.

When heated, carefully crack in the eggs. Season with season salt and black pepper.

When the whites are opaque flip until the yolk is cooked as you like.

Top the other slice of toast with with the two fried eggs then sandwich together and cut in half diagonally.

*You can find my recipe for homemade all-purpose season salt in my cookbook.

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