White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad

White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad; for an adult take on fruit salad fresh fruit is tossed in a delicious white wine simple syrup .

How about a little boozy fruit to start your week?

The very first time I had this salad was at a wedding shower. The glass bowl was appropriately labeled “Grownup Fruit Salad” and I was really confused because I saw strawberries, grapes, blueberries, nothing out of the norm. I asked a friend of mine what gives? She said it was drizzled with some kind of wine concoction.

White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad l SimplyScratch.com

Ummm yes please!

When I got to the end of my bowl of White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad, I looked to the left… then to the right. And when the coast was clear I drank the wine in the bottom of my dixie cup. Then I contemplated stealing all the cups scattered on the surrounding tables. Hey I’m not above it, but I didn’t want to be looked at as “that girl” {but in a way I sorta wished I kinda was}.

You really could use any fruit your heart desired; pineapple, grapes, kiwi, whatever!

Can you really go wrong with wine-drenched ANYTHING amiright?

First, start making the wine simple syrup by dumping in a quarter cup of sugar. Yeah you heard right… WINE simple syrup… it’s the shizz.

Like every single time I open a bottle with a “real” corkI always start off thinking I aimed dead center…

Then I start to open the wine. Simple huh?

I have corkscrew issues. No matter how hard I try to center it…

Then inevitably this happens. Every. Single. Time. But hey, I’m a pro at getting the remaining mutilated cork out of the bottle. Winner.

Next, measure out a cup of wine. The wine I am using was given to me as a gift. It also so happens to be a local wine and doesn’t specify what kind of white it is. On the back it said with hints of melon and floral notes, so I thought this will do. However always use a wine you’d drink and that’s not too overly sweet.

Then, over medium-low heat, stir the sugar into the wine over until the sugar dissolves {do NOT boil}. Immediately remove it off of the heat and let it cool.

First, wash the blueberries and measure out 3/4 of a cup.

Then, rinse off the strawberries too. Trim off the green tops and quarter up about 10 medium sized strawberries.

Then add about 1-1/2 cups each of honeydew melon and cantaloupe into a large mixing bowl.

Next add in the berries.

Then rinse off the 6-8 large leaves of mint. Stack, roll and slice thin.

Next, sprinkle it into the fruit bowl.

Then toss to combine.

White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad l SimplyScratch.com






















Lastly, drizzle with a little or a lot of the wine syrup.

White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad l SimplyScratch.com

Serve up the White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad in fun small glasses or plates, and savor the flavor! Fruit just got A LOT better :)! Happy Monday!


White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad l SimplyScratch.com

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Yield: 4-6 servings depending

White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad

White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad
White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad; fresh fruit is tossed in a delicious white wine simple syrup for an adult take on fruit salad.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


1 cup white wine (use one you love to sip)

  • 1/4 cup sugar


  • 2 cups quartered strawberries
  • 1-1/2 cups cubed honeydew melon
  • 1-1/2 cups cubed cantaloupe
  • 3/4 cup blueberries
  • 6-8 large fresh mint leaves, rolled and sliced thin


  1. In a saucepan add the 1/4 cup of sugar and the cup of white wine. Stir over medium-low heat until the sugar dissolves into the wine. Remove and let cool. Chill in the fridge until ready to use.
  2. Combine desired fruit and sliced mint in a large bowl. Chill until ready to serve. Dish the fruit salad into cute little cups or bowls and drizzle with the wine syrup just before serving.

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39 Responses to “White Wine Drenched Fruit Salad”

  1. #
    Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) — July 16, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    This is a great idea for a shower! I’m totally bookmarking this.

  2. #
    Heather (Heather's Dish) — July 16, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    oh honey, i would TOTALLY have been that girl…when it comes to fruity wine at the bottom of dixie cups it’s no-holds-barred for me 🙂

    • simplyscratch replied: — July 16th, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

      Ha ha! I know… now I totally look back and regret it :/

  3. #
    sally @ sally's baking addiction — July 16, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    You had me at “wine drenched…” This is kinda like sangria. But better maybe?! 😉

  4. #
    Bev @ Bev Cooks — July 16, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    I’ll be there in 5.

  5. #
    April — July 16, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    umm wow, there could not be a more perfect fruit salad out there. wine simple syrup-count me in!

    • simplyscratch replied: — July 16th, 2012 @ 8:49 pm

      Thanks April! 🙂

  6. #
    Averie @ Averie Cooks — July 16, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    This is the best looking and sounding fruit salad going! 🙂

  7. #
    Britney — July 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Aside from the striking array of colors this sounds amazing!

    • simplyscratch replied: — July 16th, 2012 @ 8:45 pm

      Thanks Britney! 🙂

  8. #
    DB-The Foodie Stuntman — July 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Hmmmm…a wine simple syrup. I’m intrigued at other dishes this could be paired with. This is still a good use for it, however…

    • simplyscratch replied: — July 16th, 2012 @ 8:44 pm

      The wine simple syrup can be used in sweetening drinks too 🙂

  9. #
    Cassie — July 16, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Boozy fruit is always in order, especially for summer. I love this, a perfect compliment to some sangria!

  10. #
    Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious — July 16, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Alochol in a refreshing fruit salad?! Yes please. I’m totally making a huge batch and bringing it to work 🙂

  11. #
    Carrie @ Bakeaholic Mama — July 16, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    WOW! boozy fruit, can’t go wrong with that. This sounds amazing!

    • simplyscratch replied: — July 16th, 2012 @ 8:43 pm

      Amen Carrie!

  12. #
    Kelly @ NotJustAChick — July 16, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    wow!!! White Wine simple syrup…. fresh fruit! Yes Please!!

    Can’t wait to try!

  13. #
    Carrian Cheney — July 16, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    OH. SWEET. MERCY. Uh huh. Yup. That’s looks incredible. I am a sucker for fresh fruit anyway, but seriously, way to step it up!

  14. #
    Julie @ Table for Two — July 16, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    love the boozy edition of fruit!! i can NEVER open a wine bottle without cracking the cork either..ugh i hate it! i need a better wine opener 😉

    • simplyscratch replied: — July 16th, 2012 @ 11:56 pm

      Let me know when you find one Julie 🙂

  15. #
    Medeja — July 17, 2012 at 12:28 am

    With white wine..I like it .. 😀

  16. #
    Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. — July 17, 2012 at 2:29 am

    Fruit drenched in white wine? Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome to me!

  17. #
    Kari@Loaves and Dishes — July 17, 2012 at 3:30 am

    Totally healthy(some consider wine healthy) dessert!

  18. #
    Jen — July 17, 2012 at 5:41 am

    I’m right there with you! I’ll take this over the kids version any day!

  19. #
    Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar — July 17, 2012 at 10:06 am

    This is soooo prefect for summer!

  20. #
    Megan — July 17, 2012 at 11:27 am

    That looks amazing!!

  21. #
    Jen @ Savory Simple — July 17, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Boozy fruit salad is the way to go! A group of friends and I used to get together on a regular basis and one gal in particular always brought booze drenched fruit salads (I think she used rum or vodka). We always inhaled it!

  22. #
    Eliana — July 17, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    I love just about anything boozy. So this fruit looks pretty awesome to me.

  23. #
    Our Kitchen Inventions — July 17, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Oh, My Oh, My Oh, My…how to resist adding to my breakfast yoghurt…maybe I’ll change dinner to breakfast, and breakfast to dinner, so I can “drink” some of my daily fruit servings! LOL!

  24. #
    Julia {The Roasted Root} — July 17, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Yeah, wine in my fruit sounds great! Fruit salad is always welcome by me, especially when it’s blazing hot outside…the white wine gives it a nice zing for a boozed up treat – love the idea and will definitely put it to use soon!

  25. #
    Michelle P — July 17, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    Instantly bookmarked!!! waiting until the next potluck!

  26. #
    Jennifer — August 20, 2012 at 3:04 am

    How I use that type of corkscrew: Make sure you screw it all way through the cork or as far in as you can get it. I also like to hold the bottleneck and the corkscrew ring steady as I collapse the arms to pull the cork out. once the arms are most of the way down (almost touching your knuckles of the bottle hand), let go of the bottle neck finish collapsing the arms and wiggle the cork loose. Let the arms of the corkscrew do most of the work pulling the cork out. The cork should be most of the way out by the time you get to wiggling. Let me know how it goes!

    Also thanks for this recipe! Very classy!

  27. #
    Christine — August 30, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    This fruit salad came out GREAT! I used a Riesling-blend wine with hints of melon, apricot and vanilla. It tasted perfect. I will definitely make this again and pass the recipe along.

  28. #
    Heidi @foodiecrush — June 28, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    And here I thought all salads were grown up salads :0 Love the addition of wine, this is going to my pinterest board toot sweet!

    • simplyscratch replied: — June 29th, 2013 @ 6:58 pm

      Haha! Thanks Heidi! 🙂

  29. #
    Hihi hehe — March 29, 2014 at 12:15 am


  30. #
    Jeri — September 5, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    I just came back from an Alaskan cruise, and one of our favorite appetizers was melon balls in a wine syrup. Made your version tonight – and it is even better! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Laurie McNamara replied: — September 8th, 2017 @ 7:53 am

      I’m so glad! Thanks, Jeri!

  31. #
    H Spencer — January 2, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    Very late to the party but…in the Dutch tradition we use a bottle of wine (most any will do depending upon ur personal preference). My fave is Moscato D’Asti which is sweet so I skip the sugar and cook time hence time saved! Always prefer fresh but using canned fruit in a pinch – peaches, pears, pineapple, green & black grapes, and.pitted cherries. Again fruits of your choice always works. If using canned fruit drain & save all the fruit juices for smoothies. Cut and mix fruit to your desire, put in a large bowl, add the wine and let it sit overnite (at least 12 hours) and enjoy!

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