This farmers market vegetable tray will look great at any party or get together. This post is shows you just how easy it is to pull together.

I have actually zero plans this weekend. Well, besides having a couple of my daughter’s friends to our house for a sleepover. But they’re 12, so basically that means Pitch Perfect + cupcakes and nail polish = good times.

But I bet you all have plans, so if you’re going to a party this weekend and maybe you have to bring a veggie tray… why not turn some heads with a stunning {if I don’t say so myself} masterpiece? It’s super easy and colorful!

Farmers Market Vegetable Tray l

Making a veggie platter is a lot like flower arranging in a way. Pick your favorite veggies and plug away. I tend to go for veggies with color. Reds, purples, oranges and browns… all these colors make for a beautiful platter.

what you'll need

Gather all the things you want, wash, trim or scrub them so they’re ready. I’m using a woven basket like platter that only helps add to the whole farmer’s market vibe.

first... the cabbage

I found the idea to use a cabbage head as a dip bowl on Pinterest. There weren’t any step-by-step instructions so I took a stab at it…


First, I trimmed off majority of the root-end so it would sit pretty flat but the leaves remained intact.

remove outer leaves and save

See those pretty, frilly outer leaves? I carefully removed and set them off to the side.

slice of the top

Then with a sharp knife I slide the top portion off, exposing the inside of the head of cabbage.

make an X

With a paring knife I made and X, but leaving a few outer layers untouched.

hollow out

Use a spoon to hollow out the center, leaving you with a bowl… so cool, huh?

arrange those outer leaves

Remember those outer leaves you saved…

adjust them to fit the cabbage

Place those back under the cabbage to mimic a cabbage that has been pulled from the ground and ready for dip. Adjust them better, this wasn’t the final look… but you see what I mean.


Center the cabbage head on your tray and then strategically place the cauliflower all around the base of the cabbage dip bowl.

fill in the spaces

Fill in all of the empty space with parsley, radicchio, carrots…

tomatoes... parsley


asparagus... mushrooms

Asparagus… mushrooms…

Farmers Market Vegetable Tray l

Last but not least, fill the cabbage bowl with a really good dip. Like this one from Simply Organic. Get creative and fill in any spots with greens, lettuces or fresh herbs. And POOF! like that you have a cool and colorful veggie tray!

For the amounts and dip instructions for this farmers market vegetable tray by clicking the link above.


Enjoy! And if you give Farmers Market Vegetable Tray a try, let me know! Snap a photo and tag me on twitter or instagram!

Farmers Market Vegetable Tray l

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