Nutella has been all up in my face lately. I see it on commercials, on websites and at the grocery store… and as of last Tuesday, I’ve never had it. I know “tisk-tisk” some of you are saying, but for some reason I was terribly uninterested in trying it.


Until… I caved. Well let me just tell you, I wish I never tried the stuff… because now all I can think about is “MMM this would be good dipped in Nutella, and how about Nutella on this… and Ooooh yeah some Nutella on that” and frankly I’m getting quite annoyed. No worries, I still love it! But what is a girl to do to get Nutella off her brain??? Share it with you… my friends… yesssss. This isn’t a real “scratchy” recipe post I know, but more of a “get Nutella of my brain” and on to yours kind of post.

Here is my newest and most favorite way to use this hazel-nutty spread.

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If you have a banana, some coconut and of course… the Nutella, then you’ve got a pretty healthy breakfast or snack.

Take the banana. It can be a green un-ripened banana or a very ripened banana like mine… doesn’t matter… one thing for sure is that we all like our bananas different.

Peel and slice it in half lengthwise.

Spread on some of that Nutella goodness.

Sprinkle with a little or…

… a lot of coconut {sweetened or unsweetened, you pick}. Try the coconut toasted too… omg.

Sandwich it with the other half of the banana… slather on some more Nutella and sprinkle with more coconut if you want.

Look it square in the eye…

Yes I’m aware… bananas don’t have eyes.

Unhinge your jaw and inhale it like no one is looking.

I promise you will agree that this makes a lovely breakfast!

But if you don’t have the coconut… just a banana and some Nutella is a match made in heaven!

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