How fair am I?


If you asked my daughters {and depending on the day} I bet they’d say I was pretty fair. But in the grand scheme of things how fair are we really? I’m been supporting Fair Trade for a while now and I do my best to buy products with the Fair Trade logo and spread the word through my blog and my friends. I’m extremely proud to be a small part of such a big movement and I’m happy to report that I see more and more Fair Trade items popping up in my grocery store which means the word is getting out!

If you’re wondering just how fair you are and how you can you help spread the word about all things Fair Trade, well, I’m about to tell ya!  Here you can learn the ins and outs of why it’s important to buy Fair Trade. Then you can stop by and take a quiz {don’t worry there’s no wrong answer ;)} then maybe watch the PSA  and tweet and/or facebook using the #BeFair hashtag to spread the word about how buying Fair Trade goods will help so many men, women, children and the community they live in.

So in celebration of October being Fair Trade Month… Fair Trade USA wants to share the love with one of you by sending you a box full of Fair Trade goodies!

Here’s what you’ll get:


Reunion Island Coffee: Ethiopia Oromia Light Roast coffee brings out notes of blueberry, bergamot,lemon and delicate jasmine flower. The Oromia CoffeeFarmers Co‐operative Union harvests the best quality organic and Fair Trade Certified™ coffee.

Mr. Espresso: This Fair Trade Certified™ and organic blend was specifically created for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Northern California. This blend has a rich, dark chocolate flavor with hints of fruit and caramel with a balanced body. A cup you’ll surely enjoy and will have you California dreaming!

Honest Tea: Did you know that just about all Honest Tea flavors are made with organic,

Fair Trade Certified™ tea? (insert applause)

Rishi (@RishiTea): Rishi is committed to quality and expanding the awareness of tea and
its rich, inspirational tradition. They believe strongly in Fair Trade and sustainable
sourcing and you’ll taste the difference in every cup.

Alter Eco Chocolate (@AlterEcoSF): Take a few moments to enjoy this unique bar of chocolate,

made from cocoa that is sourced from small farmers in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuadorian Coast.

Alter Eco Truffles (@AlterEcoSF): These brand new truffles from Alter Eco are a melt‐in-your‐mouth indulgence that’s both ethical and healthy! These organic, Fair Trade

Certified truffles will be available in both Black (Dark Chocolate) and Velvet (Milk
Chocolate) varieties.  Deep, smooth chocolate sourced from Ecuador (Black Truffles) and
Peru (Velvet Truffles) surrounds these sumptuous bite‐sized delights. These just might
become your newest chocolate obsession!

TCHO: TCHO is serious about chocolate: from knowing where their Fair Trade Certified™

cacao comes from to re‐imagining what it means to taste
chocolate. You’ll find yourself using words like “fruity,” “citrusy,” or “nutty” to describe
this flavor experience. You’ll simply have to see for yourself!

Frontier All‐Natural Vanilla Extract (@FrontierCoop): This extra‐rich and creamy vanilla
is perfect for baking and bears social benefits that make it all the more sweet. Made
with glycerin, Fair Trade Certified™ vanilla bean extractives and water.

prAna Tote Bag: prAna is a pioneer in Fair Trade apparel, working directly
with factories in India and Liberia that ensure better wages, safe working conditions and workplace empowerment for their employees. Take this handy Fair Trade tote bag with you to fill with all of your favorite Fair Trade products at the grocery store!  The bag is
made with organic, Fair Trade Certified™ cotton in a factory that adheres to Fair Trade

Badger Balm Lip Balm: Badger Balm began working with Fair Trade
USA in 2005 to develop its first line of products using Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients.

From their Creamy Cocoa Moisturizer to Lip Balms, their products are made with rich,
organic and Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth.

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