I have exciting news!

Simply Organic Collage

I partnered with Simply Organic {insert squeal} to create healthy and inspiring ways to feature their new Greek yogurt dip mixes!

First I need to back it up a bit.

So I’ve been using Simply Organic for what seems like forever now. My spice drawer has probably a good 13+ of their different spices and I use them all. I’ve always been drawn to the fact they’re organic and those simple yet elegant bottles. Oh and speaking of bottles; I happen to love that they put the spice title on the top of the jars. Yes I’m a nerd that way. It makes it easier to locate the right spice and not mix up paprika with chili powder. True. Story.

my spice drawer

So when Katie contacted me about a partnership with Simply Organic, I didn’t even have to think twice. These dip mixes are fabulous and take out any guesswork when trying to figure ‘how much?” and “which spices?” you will need. Simply Organic has got it covered, you’ll just need some Stonyfield pain Greek and poof! you can make great dips at home.

Since these Simply Organic Greek Dip Mixes are specially formulated to mix with Greek yogurt {did I mention how I love Stonyfield plain organic yogurt!?!} you get an organic dip mix and you get to reap the health benefits of using Greek yogurt too. As we all know Greek yogurt is all the rage and I think majority of us are making the switch and using Greek yogurt for a healthier option.

So YOU GUYS… do ya wanna know the delicious ways you can dip?

SOUTHWEST RANCH DIP: Just the perfect combination of southwest flavors like chili powder, garlic and onion powder. Here is what I whipped up featuring this flavorful dip!


Baked Sweet Potato Fries. These fries are crispy and slightly spicy.  When I think of dipping… I think of fries. Warm, crispy sweet potatoes are just the thing to dunk in the Southwest Ranch dip… total perfection!


Next up are fajita chicken skewers. I toss my go-to fajita seasoning recipe along with cubed chicken, skewer and grilled them to perfection. These skewers can be served ‘as is’ or slide them off into soft tortillas and top with lettuce, fresh tomato and spoon in a little Simply Organic’s Southwest dip over top and dinner is served.


You really can’t go wrong with a veggie tray. The inspiration for this tray came from my favorite nacho toppings. A little grilled corn, jicama sticks, bell peppers and radishes are fun and delicious dippers! A total crowd pleaser!

MEDITERRANEAN HERB: In this dip packet you’ll find a little basil, marjoram, oregano and rosemary. Mix it with some Greek and you’ve got a bowl of heaven just waiting for you to get your dip on!


Olives – check! Sliced cucumber –  check! Pita and feta – check,check! I gathered all my favorite Mediterranean goodies for this colorful Mediterranean vegetable platter. I especially love to take a mini pita, load it up with olives, feta and cucumber; fold it and then dunk in the dip. So delicious!


Okay so what’s more Mediterranean than a gyro? I took my Mom’s recipe for mini gyro meatballs and gave them a dunk in the Mediterranean herb dip. So many delicious flavors are going on here and my kids really LOVED these too, like I had to fight them off with toothpicks!


Grilled artichokes. You’ve got to make these! When I originally posted this recipe, I got a bunch of folks asking what did I put in the center for those beauts?!… and the answer is Simply Organics Mediterranean Dip! It honestly was the perfect warm-meats-cold situation. Honestly I’ve been thinking about these ever since.

ZESTY SPINACH: Spinach and lemon with some zip from orange zest makes this zesty spinach dip ama-ZING!


Chips and dip is pretty classic. But root vegetable chips and Simply Organics zesty spinach dip is where it’s at! Plus they’re super pretty!


I’m a big, no scratch that, HUGE grilled vegetable fan. Toss your favorite seasonal veggies in a little olive oil, season with a little  s &p… and finish off with a squeeze of grilled lemon. Perfect with the zesty spinach dip!


Right now farmers markets all over are starting to bring in their seasonal crops. That was the inspiration for this farmer’s market vegetable tray. Heirloom tomatoes, fresh asparagus, garden carrots just to name a few. Ps… I’ll be sharing the deets on how I turned that cabbage into a dip bowl soon!

You guys I’m so excited to finally spill the beans about these dips! It was a super fun project and I got to eat and enjoy all of the dips above! Take a second and head on over to Simply Organic to see how all this was pulled together and for information, recipes and more!