I’m no baker.  Sure I like to bake but you definitely won’t find a cake that has frosting that looks like butterfly wings or draped with perfectly molded fondant. Totally not my thing but I envy those who can.

Layered Cake

What is my thing? Homemade cake. Homemade cake slathered in homemade frosting… two layers, because that’s all I can handle.


So when Tablespoon asked me to do a “how to” using this cake-layer slicing kit… I couldn’t resist. I thought I’d me baking two layered cakes for life. But no.


So I made a homemade yellow cake. Sliced it all thin, then layered it with peach jam (do you like where this is going?) and then frosted it with homemade whipped cream. ANNNNNND to make it all pretty like, I topped it with sliced nectarines and fresh blueberries.


Ohhhh me gorsh. So pretty and so yummy! It actually pained me to cut into it… and eat 3 pieces. But only for 1.2 seconds until I realized its cake… and cake is meant to be eaten!

Now that you know you How to Make Thin Cake Layers, you can make cakes like this one!

Cake Layers

Head on over to Tablespoon for the deets on How to Make Thin Cake Layers.