Let’s talk about blondies. Is that cool? I mean what else do you have to do? Work? Laundry? I mean this is obviously more important.


Blondies sometimes known as the ugly step child to the beloved chocolate brownies… WHAT? I think not. Blondies are like the Golden Oreo’s, the yellow cake or the sugar cookie if you will. They’re moist like brownies… just not chocolaty. Are ya following me?


Now can you believe this is my first, yes first {I know right?} time baking blondies? To be completely honest, because you know I’d never steer you wrong… this recipe was the perfect introduction. These bars, OH THESE BARS… were loved by everyone in my house. My husband especially loved them and my girls… well they were sold once they heard I made dessert. Sharon of Cheesy Pennies sure knows what-is-up!

These blondies in particular are all kinds of decadent. And by all kinds, I mean crazy delicious. So head over to the Tasty Kitchen blog to grab the recipe and see how these magnificent blondies are made.


HINT: Lots of brown butter you GUYS!